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Kentuckys Best Original 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Kentuckys Best Original 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Kentuckys Best Original 16oz Pipe Tobacco

Many adore Kentucky’s Best Original Pipe Tobacco 16oz for it’s strong and traditional tobacco flavors that more than satisfy your smoking urges. As one of the best brands on the market, both novices and experienced smokers will want to use Kentucky’s Best Original Pipe Tobacco 16oz in their pipes or rolled cigarettes. The world’s best tobacco comes from Kentucky and that’s what makes this Original blend the best! The blend is a mixture of premium-grade flue-cured tobaccos that are grown in the Carolinas and Virginia with premium-grade toasted air-cured burley tobaccos from Kentucky. While other cigarettes are gone after a few puffs, you won’t have to worry about that happening with Kentucky’s Best Original Pipe Tobacco 16oz! Besides the delicious rich tobacco flavor, you’ll also appreciate the low price! You won’t have to spend a fortune indulging in your smoking habit with this very budget friendly tobacco blend.

Farmers Tobacco Company
Kentucky's Best

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Top Customer Reviews

Gary D on 12/30/2023
Closest to taste I like

Dirk T on 07/29/2022
WOW! Fast fast shipping and excellent pricing! First timer will definitely buy from again! I believe it works out to $1 a pack with tobacco and tubes. Stay close to the Bible and talk to Jesus everyday! We are the last generations before his 2nd coming! Look up fig tree generation in bible.

Jeff V on 07/01/2022

Samantha W on 04/30/2022

Ann M on 04/20/2022
I have been purchasing this product since Dec 2021 and it has saved me so much money instead of buying regular packs of cigarettes. Great product!!!

Ryan S on 04/06/2022

Stephanie E on 02/18/2022
This is like Winston regular!! I enjoy it. But shipping takes forever!!!!

Chris S on 01/20/2022
I've been Smoking this tobacco for over 20 years since I started rolling my own cigarettes. I moved to north Indiana in 2015 and can't get it locally so I order 4 pounds at a time and it ALWAYS arrives in a timely manner. I've found the best price here and it's fresh :) The only complaint I have is not with the tobacco but that I wish I could order my filters here too. I have to buy them locally. I use the short TOPS filters. The 15MM length in the blue border bag. There's a pic of the bag under the supplies section. It would be great if I could order those too. I'd also order the books of tops papers then or ROLLIT papers if they carried them then :)

Ding Z on 12/06/2021

lamar p on 10/15/2021
Great for cigarettes. Most like winston red of any I've tried.

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