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Kentuckys Best Blue 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Kentuckys Best Blue 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Kentuckys Best Blue 16oz Pipe Tobacco

Smoking doesn’t have to be a harsh experience, especially if you use Kentucky’s Best Blue Pipe Tobacco 16oz in your pipe or rolled cigarettes. The Mild version of Kentucky’s Best Original is just as flavorful, but is much smoother. You’ll end up with a much easier smoke that won’t have such a strong aftertaste. The result is an everyday blend that is smooth, easy and so much more enjoyable. Smokers love Kentucky’s Best Blue Pipe Tobacco 16oz because it not only has a great taste, but is inexpensive, too! They can smoke until their heart’s content without worrying about the price. The affordable tobacco is easy on your wallet and your mouth, making Kentucky’s Best Blue Pipe Tobacco 16oz your best option for a great tobacco product. You’ll have a unique smoking experience every time you light up once you start using Kentucky’s Best Blue Pipe Tobacco 16oz!

Farmers Tobacco Company
Kentucky's Best

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Top Customer Reviews

Tony B on 11/07/2020

steven p on 10/27/2018
it is perfect. recommended by my good friend Lana Shevlin.I will be buying more

Ron Harald C on 04/22/2020

wayne c on 04/01/2020

Paula M on 12/02/2020
Tried other brands but this is my favorite

Kim S on 04/07/2020

Lisa P on 05/06/2020
This is my favorite tobacco! It doesn't have any tastes or flavors added. I despise all of the strong tastes and flavors! I don't use any other!

Steven A on 04/11/2020
as ordered and very quick delivery...Thank you

Fred D on 04/25/2020
I've used this product for years and like the convenience of getting it by mail. I no longer have to go into a store during the pandemic.

Richard F on 04/21/2020

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