If you’re into rolling your own cigarettes, you probably are always on the hunt for the perfect tobacco blend! There’s a certain art to rolling your own cigarettes and only those with discerning tastes choose to roll it themselves than buy pre-rolled ones. First, there’s bragging rights when you roll your own cigarettes since it’s a dying art these days. To say that you do it is like a badge of honor. And once you do, everyone wants to try one!

When you prefer rolled cigarettes that you make yourself rather than traditional cigarettes, you’re making a bold statement. You enjoy smoking and not the convenience of it. That’s why you need The Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco! Don’t let the name full you, though… it’s not just for pipes, but for rolling the best cigarettes around.

Self-rolled cigarettes show off your swagger and pristine tastes. Rolling your own cigarettes with some of The Good Stuff Premium Tobacco Blends is like a fine art. It’s vintage, classic and intrinsically yours. All of The Good Stuff premium tobacco blends are made from a mixture of U.S. grown flue-cured tobaccos, in addition to burley and oriental blends. The result is a unique smoking experience unlike any other.

Although the RSB Tobacco Co. is fairly new to the industry (they started in 2006), The Good Stuff Premium Tobacco Blends has become a well known rolling tobacco. Started in Farmville, NC, by the Bowen family, they used their century old tobacco heritage to create one of the world’s finest flue-cured tobacco. With nine different blends as part of their line, smokers who enjoy the art of rolling will find a blend that best suits their preferences and tastes.

Their RED premium pipe tobacco is their full flavor, robust blend. This RED blend gives smokers a heartier flavor thanks to its blend of tobacco mostly from the top of the stalk (with more burly added in, too). And if you love the RED, you will defintiley want to try the GOLD pipe blend, which builds upon the flavor by adding more flue-cured-style and lower stalk position tobacco. But if you want more of that flue-cured taste, then try The Good Stuff SILVER blend! It’s also includes some “puffed” or flattened stem to give it a spectacular taste while still providing hints of that classic taste customers crave from their products.

But if you’re simple and more natural when it comes to taste, their NATURAL blend is just up your alley! You’ll only taste the true natural flavor of the tobacco leaves with this blend. The MENTHOL blend is flavored with the best menthol flavoring around. You’ll love how it provides just the right flavoring of menthol without overpowering the blend. MENTHOL GOLD is flavored with the finest menthol taste mixed with their GOLD blend! If you want twice the smoke for half the price and half the weight of their regular Good Stuff Blends, you can choose Expanded bags in RED, GOLD and MENTHOL.

So if you want premium rolling tobacco, you have to have THE Good Stuff!