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Wildhorse Green 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Wildhorse Green 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Wildhorse Green 16oz Pipe Tobacco

Menthol-flavored tobacco never tasted so good, which is why many love the satisfying smoking experience they get when they choose Wildhorse Green Pipe Tobacco 16oz. The menthol flavor to entice your senses since it’s not overpowering or overwhelming. You’ll find that the minty fresh flavor is just right and won’t overpower the delicious tobacco flavors. Wildhorse Green Pipe Tobacco 16oz is great for beginners since Wildhorse isn’t a very strong tobacco brand to begin with. Whether you like the menthol flavor every once in a while or enjoy it everyday, Wildhorse Green Pipe Tobacco 16oz is the perfection blend for you. Besides the glorious minty fresh flavor, smokers will also love the low price. You’ll be able to buy several bags of Wildhorse Green Pipe Tobacco 16oz and still have money left over for your other smoking accessories like filters, tubes and rolling paper.

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Elizabeth F on 08/28/2019
So easy to purchase online instead of having to drive!! You've made it easy!!! Thank you! 🤗

Josh H on 03/27/2019

Holly D on 06/27/2020

WILLIAM R on 12/06/2020

Dwight M on 10/10/2020
Very pleased as always. Great quality, packed and shipped with care.

Tephanie S on 04/07/2020

Renee B on 04/25/2020

Richard D on 05/12/2020

Curtis R on 08/09/2020

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