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Wildhorse Green 6oz Pipe Tobacco
Wildhorse Green 6oz Pipe Tobacco
Wildhorse Green 6oz Pipe Tobacco

Enjoy a minty fresh smoke every time you light up using Wildhorse Green Pipe Tobacco 6oz! As one of the best menthol tobacco blends on the market, your taste buds will love the mint flavors as it takes over your mouth with every puff you take. Wildhorse already offers a lighter tobacco blend than most, so adding menthol on top of a smooth smoke will provide the ultimate smoking experience! It’s actually a great blend for beginners since it’s so smooth, leaving practically no bitter aftertaste whatsoever. Wildhorse Green Pipe Tobacco 6oz is a great everyday smoke and is very affordable. You’ll be able to buy several bags and still have money left over. You’ll get premium menthol tobacco at budget prices, allowing you the chance to enjoy your daily smokes without feeling guilty that it’s costing you too much. Once you try Wildhorse Green Pipe Tobacco 6oz, you’ll definitely be hooked!

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6oz Bag

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