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Red River Cool Mint 16oz Bag
Red River Cool Mint 16oz Bag
Red River Cool Mint 16oz Bag

Minty flavors combine with a traditional tobacco taste in this magnificent blend! You’ll love the strong minty taste of Red River Cool Mint Pipe Tobacco 16oz, which will create a cooling and refreshing aftertaste. The full-flavored and full-bodied taste is great for someone who wants a strong and minty tobacco blend. The great thing about Red River Cool Mint Pipe Tobacco 16oz is that you get a more traditional rough tobacco taste that’s not too harsh or overpowering. It’s just the right amount of bold, allowing your taste buds to really savor the taste. Red River Cool Mint Pipe Tobacco 16oz is best for more experienced smokers that can handle the kick at the end, but novices looking to up their smoking experience will also enjoy it! The affordable blend is well balanced and burns consistently and evenly. Thanks to such a low price, you’ll be able to stock up on your new favorite tobacco blend!

Global Tobacco
Red River
Cool Mint

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Walter B on 07/07/2023
Fast service and competitive pricing, excellent customer service!!!

Mike A on 03/29/2021

Jerri L B on 07/11/2020

Chris A on 04/25/2020
Thank you for great service!

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