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Gambler Menthol 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Gambler Menthol 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Gambler Menthol 16oz Pipe Tobacco

There’s something about mint that makes it so refreshing. That’s why smokers love it when added to their favorite tobacco blend. If you want a crisp and refreshing blend that provides a high-quality menthol flavor when compared to other brands, go with Gambler Mint 16oz Pipe Tobacco. Gambler is one of the most respected and oldest tobacco brands in the nation, so smokers know that their products are divine. Each bag of Gambler Mint 16oz Pipe Tobacco is filled to the brim with aromatic goodness and masterfully blended fine-cut tobacco that will tantalize your taste buds. Each Gambler product comes in a resealable bag to prolong its freshness so that you don’t have to use the entire product in just one sitting. You can go back to it later and still enjoy its fresh taste. Another great thing about Gambler Mint 16oz Pipe Tobacco is that it’s super inexpensive, allowing you to stock up on your new favorite blend so that you never have to be without!

Republic Tobacco
16oz(1lb) Bag

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Quick and inexpensive delivery. I highly recommend this company

John A on 11/29/2022

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