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4 Aces Menthol 16oz Pipe Tobacco
4 Aces Menthol 16oz Pipe Tobacco
4 Aces Menthol 16oz Pipe Tobacco

If you want affordable tobacco for your pipe or for rolling your own cigarettes, then you can’t go wrong with 4 Aces. Guaranteed to satisfy all of your smoking desires, the storied brand is known for quality blends at affordable prices. The Menthol Green blend is amazing and refreshing. If you love mint flavor, then you can’t miss out on the blissful tobacco flavors added to this tasteful menthol blend. The minty flavor is strong, but it blends well with the tobacco flavors, making it a balanced blend that will have your wanting more with each puff you take. The quality of tobacco is amazing and provides an even burn throughout. The flavor comes in a convenient resealable plastic pouch that makes it great or long-term storage and freshness. Made by one of the best and oldest names in the industry, 4 Aces won’t disappointed, regardless of which flavor profile you prefer.

Republic Tobacco
4 Aces
16oz (1lb) Bag

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Top Customer Reviews

Robert F on 03/15/2022
A great smoke with the perfect amount of flavor

Larry C on 12/27/2021

ROSE T on 11/03/2021

Marc B on 09/28/2021

Rocco L on 06/17/2021

Joseph E on 04/26/2021
Cheap great smoking tobacco with no added chemicals. There is nothing else to say except perfectly acceptable price. Will order from you forever.

Michele M on 04/16/2021
It’s fluffy not dry and tastes good

Michael S on 02/23/2021

william l on 02/20/2021
like inside

Rosa R on 02/06/2021
I am new in the making my own cigarettes. I’ m still tasting the variety of tobacco and cigarette papers. I’m trying the different combinations. And I smoke menthol. About this brand of menthol tobacco, it is very very mild the menthol. Barely feel it in a regular cigarette tube.

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