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4 Aces Regular 6oz Pipe Tobacco
4 Aces Regular 6oz Pipe Tobacco
4 Aces Regular 6oz Pipe Tobacco

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Ed P on 06/19/2023

Marlene V on 11/14/2022

Steven T on 03/29/2022
6oz. Bags stay more fresh. It's affordable and smokes well in a pipe.

Deborah C on 09/17/2021
My favorite is drum but too expensive. And this is great since gambler for years, almost the same

michael g on 08/17/2021

jill W on 09/05/2020
Smooth flavor I like it alot

Silvio D on 08/12/2020
I take this and mix it with the mint tobacco half & half by roller cigarette tastes just like store bought

Michael R on 08/09/2020

Richard K on 11/10/2019
I mix this with Largo regular tobacco for MYO cigs.

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