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1839 Menthol 16oz Pipe Tobacco
1839 Menthol 16oz Pipe Tobacco
1839 Menthol 16oz Pipe Tobacco

If you’re looking for delicious and minty pipe tobacco, then you must try 1839 Menthol flavor! The robust, flavorful blend allows smokers the chance to indulge in quality tobacco for half the price. The sweet taste and aroma of mint will excite your taste buds and make you crave this affordable tobacco blend. The premium taste of 1839 Menthol is created by quality tobaccos grown by US farmers who have years of experience in the tobacco trade. Smoking 1839’s Menthol blend is like a small piece of heaven with every puff you take. The tobacco is perfect for rolling our own cigarettes or stuffing pipe. But regardless of how prefer to smoke, there’s no denying the amazing taste 1839’s Menthol blend provides. Enjoy morning, noon and night since it’ll soon become your go-to smoking blend. Thanks to its low price, you’ll be able to indulge as much as you want without breaking the bank!

Premier Manufacturing
1839 Pipe Tobacco
16oz(1lb) Bag

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Ron B on 04/19/2023

Phillip N on 03/16/2023
Decent, consistant cut. Very few sticks and stems. Menthol flavor is just right. The only issue I have is the bags do not keep the product as fresh. Many times the bag is not airtight and that causes the product to dry out making it difficult to roll. It's a sign of the times as prett much all bulk tobacco brands come in bags that are ot completely sealed. Even so the product is good and I will continue to purchase it.

Kevin O on 02/17/2023
Everything about this tobacco is great. The right amount of strength mixed with smooth quality menthol. I like to mix the regular tobacco with the menthol to cut it down because I regularly enjoy more mellow menthol. If you had that type I know a lot of people that would purchase it. I make individual cigarettes for my peers at the place I’m living now and they love them. They rather have these over newports.

JI K on 01/30/2023

Laurianne C on 06/07/2022

James D on 07/06/2021
Exactly what I wanted.

Ashley K on 03/16/2021

Díana Z on 03/01/2021

Lance A W on 11/22/2020

Diane42 K on 05/22/2020

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