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1839 Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco
1839 Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco
1839 Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco

If you like smooth pipe tobacco, it doesn’t get any better than 1839 Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco! The smooth blend is easy on the palate and will intoxicate your senses. The smell is alluring and the burn is nice and even. There’s no bitterness to this pipe tobacco and your taste buds will crave its smooth flavor that’s just perfect for any time of day. Stuff some in your pipe or roll your own cigarettes with this blend and you’ll experience a state of bliss with each puff you take. While the taste is intoxicating, the price is even better! You get premium quality tobacco without breaking the bank, which is what makes 1839 Smooth so appealing to many. Ditch your other blends and simply go with the best by trying 1839 Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco! You won’t be sorry you did and will rejoice that you’ve found a quality pipe tobacco that’s actually affordable and tasty!

Premier Manufacturing
16oz(1lb) Bag

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Top Customer Reviews

James H on 07/26/2022

Darlene S on 07/21/2022

Melody S on 03/08/2022
Smooth flavor!!! Fresh when it arrived …. Thank you so much for the speed of delivery

Ken F on 01/24/2022
Quick, nice smooth smoke

Marc T on 08/20/2021

GT D on 08/14/2021
Wellll I am hesitant to say I 'love' any tobacco but I have been smoking this for quite some time now & keep buying more. Its smooth (not harsh) & usually contains minimal 'sticks' & 'powder' scrap. It can be a little dry but a couple finger flicks of water in the sealed bag & 24 hrs makes it all good. Lately however the bag's heat seal is right next to the zip lock seal making it difficult or sometimes impossible to open the bag w/out destroying the zip lock seal. :-( Note to BuyPipe: please pass this along to your supplier.

tom s on 07/21/2021

Kelly W on 05/25/2021
Great product. Rolls nice. Great flavor.

Peter F on 02/05/2021
I like it very much.

Jerry M on 01/01/2021
Good quality tobacco that works well with my PowerMatic machine.

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