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Red River Pipe Tobacco

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Red River Pipe Tobacco features a rough cut for bold tobacco flavors you’ll literally crave over and over again. You’ll be totally satisfied once you try any one of Red River Pipe Tobacco blends, which is why many love it. With so many options, you’re bound to find a smoke for every occasion. Plus, they’re super affordable, so you’ll be able to stock up on your new favorite tobacco blends for cheap!

Touted as the perfect bang for your buck blend, Red River Pipe Tobacco features quality tobacco for cheap prices. The blends smoke evenly from start to finish so that you can enjoy it from beginning to end. Red River Pipe Tobacco is conveniently packed tightly into bags that preserve its freshness and prevents the distribution of shake. This ensures long lasting quality so that you can enjoy the whole bag.  

Red River Pipe Tobacco Regular is a full flavored tobacco blend that’s anything but boring. Red River Pipe Tobacco Coolmint is refreshing and minty, providing a cool mint taste that’s enticing and crave worthy. Red River Pipe Tobacco Smooth is mellow and has minimal shake with a toned down tobacco flavor.


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