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Smokin G Smooth Golden 8oz Pipe Tobacco
Smokin G Smooth Golden 8oz Pipe Tobacco
Smokin G Smooth Golden 8oz Pipe Tobacco

If you’re not a huge fan of strong tobacco and want something mellower, you’ll definitely want to try Smokin’ G Smooth Golden Pipe Tobacco 8oz. This blend is made for those that want to have a gentler smoking experience. Smokin’ G Smooth Golden Pipe Tobacco 8oz is designed from the same amazing ingredients as the Robust flavor, including the same Burley and Virginia tobaccos that are expertly cured for flavor that’s out of this world. You’ll find that each smoke is perfection when you add Smokin’ G Smooth Golden Pipe Tobacco 8oz to your pope or rolled cigarettes. The double packaging preserves freshness so that you can enjoy the great taste days after you open the bag. Smokin & G Smooth Golden Pipe Tobacco 8oz is also budget friendly, allowing you to smoke all you want without feeling guilty that your spending too much on tobacco products.

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Smokin G
8oz Bag
Smooth Golden

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Marc R on 03/10/2023
A very close parallel to Marlboro Lights. I will be ordering this again as well.

Mary G on 10/16/2022
Great, smooth taste and consistent texture! This tobacco was recommended as being similar to Marboro Gold(lights) in the blog, n we definitely agree it's a close match. Kentucky Select Gold also offers a similar replacement taste.

Ginger T on 07/09/2022

Roger D on 06/21/2022
It is like a Marlboro light.

John K on 06/17/2022

Adrian A on 06/10/2022

Amy B on 05/24/2022

Colleen W on 04/21/2022

Clover H on 02/11/2022

Graham L on 01/10/2022

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