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Signal Smooth Pipe Tobacco 16 oz
Signal Smooth Pipe Tobacco 16 oz
Signal Smooth Pipe Tobacco 16 oz

When it comes to a smooth, mellow and easy smoking experience, you’ll definitely need Signal Menthol Pipe Tobacco 16oz! You’ll get a full-bodied smoke without the harsh aftertaste. The smoothing smoke is easy on your taste buds and throat, allowing you to really enjoy your pipe or rolled cigarette. Signal Menthol Pipe Tobacco 16oz features three types of tobaccos that are blended together to create the perfect product! This blend is made using the finer, smoother leaves of the tobacco harvest so that it’s smoother to smoke and a lot less harsh when it comes to taste and smell. The tobacco is grown exclusively in North Carolina and the recipe is something that no other brand can live up to. You’ll find yourself craving the smooth goodness of this exceptional blend day and night. But what’s even better than the taste is the fact that Signal Menthol Pipe Tobacco 16oz is affordable and easy on your wallet.


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Mark S on 08/30/2023
I smoke light cigs all my life and the-is tobaccos fits the bill!! Nice and smooth and the price is right.

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