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High Card Pipe Tobacco

Place your bets on High Card Pipe Tobacco for being your go-to blend for when you want an enjoyable smoke! You’ll absolutely adore the fine Burleys and Virginias mixed together for this enticing pipe tobacco blend. They’ve been flue-cured and air-cured in order to come out perfect! Regular High Card Pipe Tobacco is a full-bodied blend that provides a non-aromatic smoker that’s sensual in all the right ways. You’ll love the incredible natural tobacco flavors that will come to light after each hit. The tobacco has been created to burn slowly and evenly until the last hit you take. The experience is a mild to strong smoke that’s distinctive and enjoyable. If you crave an extra punch, then High Card Pipe Tobacco will certainly give it to you time and time again.

High Card Pipe Tobacco Gold is lighter than the Regular offering, but still super high quality. The mellow taste will give your senses a warm enticing sensation with each smoke you take. It does burn slow and provides a soothing sensation that you’ll want to soak up for as long as you can. Many like Gold for their recreational smoking habits. Menthol simply adds a minty flavor to the Regular blend’s character.


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