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Backwoods Pipe Tobacco

Backwoods Pipe Tobacco is a brand that has never disappointed. Boldly starting out in the ‘70s and ‘80s, it made its mark through heavy advertising at a time when smoking was largely frowned upon. Although they started out selling cigars, they eventually started selling different kinds of tobacco as well which is both ‘Wild ‘N Mild’. They’ve taken the popular flavors of the cigars and made them into pipe tobacco which you can enjoy with just a roll, burn and puff.

You can make the best of their premium blend which includes four aromatic and smooth flavors that will make capture your senses. The best part about this is that it comes in handy pouches and is more than affordable. Backwoods Pipe Tobacco has always been known for their great flavor and great prices, you can enjoy the same in a pouch that gets delivered right to your doorstep. This may be pipe tobacco, but they use the exact same blend which is used in their Backwoods cigars. You can find all the delicious flavors right here which includes the classic pack as well as the flavored ones that are blended to perfection. Take a chance with Backwoods Pipe Tobacco and be a natural Backwoods man.


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