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Zig Zag 100mm Cigarette Injector
Zig Zag 100mm Cigarette Injector
Zig Zag 100mm Cigarette Injector

This patented Zig Zag 100mm Cigarette Injector is the perfect size to take along with you wherever you go! It perfectly fits in your pocket so that you can make perfect 100mm cigarettes each and every time. It’s precision-made, so you’ll be able to make cigarettes that look and smoke like the ones that are produced commercially. But instead, they’ll be filled with your preferred tobacco blend and cost a fraction of the price of store bought ones! The injector is really easy to use and you simply need tubes and tobacco blends to start creating your own cigarettes.

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Zachary S on 06/03/2021
Exactly what I expect from a tube injector. Comes with a packing tool and extra nozzle.

DAWNA R on 07/29/2020
Works great. I bought two different brands. This one is awesome.

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