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Gambler 100mm Cigarette Injector
Gambler 100mm Cigarette Injector
Gambler 100mm Cigarette Injector

The Gambler 100mm Cigarette Injector is a handheld cigarette making machine that injects your preferred tobacco into filtered tubes. The handy device injects long 100mm cigarettes in a matter of seconds. It’s light, compact and easy to use, making it a great option for first-time users. It’s affordable price is also very appealing given Gambler is huge name in the industry. It’s made of high-quality plastic and comes with tamper and extra nozzle. All you need to buy are tubes and tobacco filler of your choice to start rolling your own cigarettes to enjoy whenever you please.

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Top Customer Reviews

Yefim N on 08/02/2023
Awesome inexpensive injector, highly recommended for first time users!

Robert W on 03/02/2023
Easy to use and makes the perfect tubed cigarette!

anthea d on 12/17/2021

Nancy L on 05/11/2020
Good enough to serve its purpose to have on hand in case my machine breaks down, I can continue making my own until I can repair or replace my machine.

Victoria P on 04/23/2020
really easy to use. I love it so much

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