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Powermatic 3 Plus Electric Cigarette Machine
Powermatic 3 Plus Electric Cigarette Machine
Powermatic 3 Plus Electric Cigarette Machine

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It’s time to start saving time and money with the Powermatic III Electric Cigarette Machine. This cigarette machine features an easy to use, one button operation, a large hopper that holds enough tobacco to make more than a pack of cigarettes at a time (up to 30), programmable density and automatic loading. It even includes a digital counter that will keep track of how many cigarettes you’ve rolled of all time and during the current rolling session. Best of all, you will never have to worry about your cigarettes jamming in the injector again because of its automatic jam protection! Without a doubt, this Powermatic will change the way you roll your own cigarettes forever!

Why keep rolling the old fashion way? Order your Powermatic III Electric Cigarette Machine from BuyPipeTobacco.com today!

Highlighted features:

  • Digital Display
  • Easy to use, large one button operation
  • Maximum capacity hopper able to fill up to 30 cigarettes
  • Automatic tobacco compression and loading
  • User selectable cigarette density
  • Automatic jam protection
  • Works with an 110v or 220v power supply

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Top Customer Reviews

Miranda M on 09/21/2021

Bruce A on 08/11/2021
This machine is a game changer. RYO pack in a couple of minutes. Keep it clean and it works fine!

Jeremy C on 07/14/2021
Fantastic wish i would have bought it sooner if your gonna do it spend the money and get this one am saving a fortune on cigarettes

Kristina W on 06/10/2021
Best one on the market, working flawlessly. Worth the investment

June B on 06/01/2021
I love it. Works like a champ.

Jerry M on 03/02/2021
I've had mine for a month now with no serious problems. I had to change tobacco because it doesn't like long strand cut, and don't work well with tobacco that is to moist. Once I found a tobacco that we both agree on it does a great job, and I can roll a pack in about five minutes. I'm tempted to buy another one to have on standby.

Kathy G on 01/19/2021

Kurt V on 12/24/2020
I purchases this for my daughter, since I have one and successfully rolled over 5000 cigarettes already

Toni K on 11/21/2020
I LOVE the Powermatic 3 Plus Electric Cigarette Machine. I was dedicated to an hour every evening to roll cigarettes with the hand crank machine. It took the whole hour and if it jams then it's longer. I was so excited to get this machine because it's "stupid" proof. You load the hopper (what could be easier) and put a tube on, hit the start button, and tamp it down a little. It automatically fills said tube perfectly. There is no learning curve at all. One button to remember. I now roll a whole day's worth of cigarettes for 2 people in 10-15 minutes (we're talking about 75-100 cigarettes). I am sure the time will shorten as I figure out a rhythm to rolling them. My dogs are thrilled as I have more time to play with them. Thank you BuyPipeTobacco for having this wonderful machine.

Patricia L on 10/21/2020
This machine is great. I am learning the little tricks to keep it from jamming, like stirring the tobacco more often and not using tobacco that has too much moisture.

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