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Powermatic 3 Plus Electric Cigarette Machine
Powermatic 3 Plus Electric Cigarette Machine
Powermatic 3 Plus Electric Cigarette Machine

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It’s time to start saving time and money with the Powermatic III Electric Cigarette Machine. This cigarette machine features an easy to use, one button operation, a large hopper that holds enough tobacco to make more than a pack of cigarettes at a time (up to 30), programmable density and automatic loading. It even includes a digital counter that will keep track of how many cigarettes you’ve rolled of all time and during the current rolling session. Best of all, you will never have to worry about your cigarettes jamming in the injector again because of its automatic jam protection! Without a doubt, this Powermatic will change the way you roll your own cigarettes forever!

Why keep rolling the old fashion way? Order your Powermatic III Electric Cigarette Machine from BuyPipeTobacco.com today!

Highlighted features:

  • Digital Display
  • Easy to use, large one button operation
  • Maximum capacity hopper able to fill up to 30 cigarettes
  • Automatic tobacco compression and loading
  • User selectable cigarette density
  • Automatic jam protection
  • Works with an 110v or 220v power supply

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Top Customer Reviews

Stephen B on 08/01/2023
I purchased the Powermatic 3 plus over 3 years ago. My wife and I roll an average of 63 Cigaretts a day. ( Purchased Cigs we average a pack a day of store purchased but the Cigs we roll does not last as long so we smoke more.). In a weeks time we roll about 440. Take that up a notch to 3 years, we have rolled about 70,000. This machine is fantastic. I may get a jam every 450 cigs but it's always because I over filled the hoper. The roll button is starting to stick a little but not to bad yet. When it goes I WILL purchase another Powrematic 3 Plus.

STEVE L on 06/15/2023
I'm only at about 1200 rolled...but it has yet to jam, clog, or tear tubes. This is the second one I have purchased...it is a gift for a friend

Miranda M on 07/06/2022
Great machine, it's slower, and takes some getting used to but worth every dime!

Darin G on 01/09/2022

Jerald Q on 11/30/2021
So much better than my Powermatic 2. I've only used 1lb of tobacco & it's at least 6 times faster & more accurate. Love it.

Shannon S on 11/16/2021
Buy Pipe Tobacco.com has taken the position as my new preferred vendor for all my smoking needs with how quickly and efficiently they process and ship out orders, a facet very much lacking from other vendors I've used in the past. With the above having been stated here's some thoughts on the Powermatic III Plus machine. In short, it's fantastic! This is my 2nd machine which replaced my 1st which finally had a total failure at just over 25,000 cigs total produced. With a warranty of 20k it did at least beat that figure and did so while cranking out cigs faultlessly up to that point. Operation of the machine is so simple and takes just about all the work of keeping you supplied with fresh cigs to a bare minimum. No more filling the chamber for each cig and careully packing it "just so" like with other manual and even some other electric machines. With the Powermatic III Plus you simply open the hopper, fill and close it, insert a tube onto the snout and push the button and voila, it's done in a jiffy, no muss, no fuss. Since different tobaccos may require different firmness settings to get your cigs just like you want 'em there's 3 different packing settings also just a button push away if and when you need to make an adjustment. Having always had issues with completely filling the tubes all the way to the filter I can thankfully say that's never been an issue when using this machine. It's a breeze to easily crank out the pack and 1/2 - 2 packs the hopper holds and once I got the technique down I can do 2 packs in between 10 and 15 minutes so this machine is certainly a big time saver over any I've previously used too. With 12 years of RYO experience I can truthfully say this machine is the best investment made yet while also making the job of RYO's as simple and effortless as possible.

Judy G on 11/11/2021
If you make your own cigarettes, this is the machine to have. Fast, Easy, and Perfectly made cigarettes. I have only had it for a short time thus far; so, time will tell if it keeps performing this well. But, so far, so good; I LOVE this machine!

Gary L on 11/01/2021

Bruce A on 08/11/2021
This machine is a game changer. RYO pack in a couple of minutes. Keep it clean and it works fine!

Jeremy C on 07/14/2021
Fantastic wish i would have bought it sooner if your gonna do it spend the money and get this one am saving a fortune on cigarettes

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