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Top O Matic Poweroll Electric Cigarette Machine
Top O Matic Poweroll Electric Cigarette Machine
Top O Matic Poweroll Electric Cigarette Machine

There’s something magical about making your own cigarettes, but whatever it is, you’ll need the Top-O-Matic Poweroll Electric Cigarette Machine to get it done fast and smoothly! The machine is easy to use and creates the perfect cigarette each and every time. It’s a great investment if you are serious about making your own cigarettes. This high-en machine will make consistent, solid cigarettes in seconds. It features a heavy-duty protective travel case you can store it in! It uses a 120v AC power cord and uses the spoon fed method to inject king size cigarette tubes with your favorite tobacco blends. Top-O-Matic is known for creating some of the best cigarette machines around and this particular one is no different!

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Patti B on 12/20/2021
This is a great machine! I used a friends and loved it. I was having a hard time with my manual one due to arthritis. I've seen reviews from ppl saying it doesn't work right, clunks, makes noise ect. Get it through a good seller. I'm on my 3rd, thought I'd save money by getting a used one, it broke. Purchased a new one, it was defective. Finally got the right one. Things happen, keep trying! It's easy to use and I can make them much faster. It packs them closest to store bought than any others I've had. Don't use the last part of the bag that is much smaller... it will jam. Even though I got 2 bad ones, it was worth the effort!

Cindy S on 01/25/2021
This is a great rolling machine. If you don't over pack it you will have the perfect cigarette every time. I'm saving 12.00 a day.. If you smoke, get one of these.

Daniel F on 04/29/2020
quiet,efficient,and easy to use.Was delivered as promised.

james h on 04/05/2020

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