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Powermatic 150 (Black) Cigarette Injector
Powermatic 150 (Black) Cigarette Injector
Powermatic 150 (Black) Cigarette Injector

Without a doubt, the Powermatic 150 RYO Machine is by far, the best selling manual cigarette injector on the market today! Not only is it sophisticated and easy to use, but it’s also durable, convenient, and unbelievably affordable! Plus, there’s no other cigarette rolling machine available that has more positive 5-star reviews than the Powermatic 150 Cigarette Injector!

But then again, the Powermatic 150 is manufactured in the United States and made with 100% quality-grade metals, meaning this bad boy is built tough and will likely never jam up on you during use! Also, the Powermatic 150 comes with a titanium plated blade, ensuring all tobacco is cut evenly, which allows for a smooth, consistent burn every time! Other than that, the Powermatic comes with a maintenance cleaning tool set, making it easy to keep your RYO Machine in top condition, always ready to make the next perfect cigarette!

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Top Customer Reviews

Kevin M on 05/18/2020
I have been using an older machine that's becoming a burden. The ease of use and precision of my Powermatic 150 makes it a joy to roll my own again. Thank you. P.S. Shipping ang packing was 5 stars.

Scott M on 04/14/2020
Easy to use.

Lois J on 04/05/2020
Works really well as of know only had it a few days. Its alot easiervon my arms n hands have arthritis. The only bad thing is not about the machine its the customer service. She was one of the rudest person I've talked to n a long time.

Dana K on 01/09/2020

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