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Buckhorn Mint 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Buckhorn Mint 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Buckhorn Mint 16oz Pipe Tobacco

If you love the refreshing taste of mint, you’ll love Buckhorn Mint 16oz Pipe Tobacco! The minty flavor builds upon their original tobacco blend to provide a cool and refreshing aftertaste that you’ll come to love. The value-price brand uses the best aged Virginia and Kentucky tobaccos to create a distinct blend that features a lovely minty taste. The invigorating and crisp blend will liven your palate while satisfying your smoking urges tenfold. Regardless if you’re a newbie or a well-seasoned smoker, you’ll come to love the flavors that Buckhorn Mint 16oz Pipe Tobacco provides. But what’s even better than the minty flavor profile is the fact that it’s affordable and easy on your wallet! You won’t have to break the bank with your smoking habit. You’ll be able to light up whenever you please without worrying about how much your tobacco costs when you opt to go with Buckhorn Mint 16oz Pipe Tobacco!

Wind River Tobacco
16oz(1lb) Bag

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