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Top O Matic Poweroll 2 Electric Cigarette Machine
Top O Matic Poweroll 2 Electric Cigarette Machine
Top O Matic Poweroll 2 Electric Cigarette Machine

If you’re ready to take your cigarette making endeavors to new heights, then you’ll need the Top-O-Matic Poweroll 2 Electric Cigarette Machine. It’s an amazing device if you’re really serious about making your own cigarettes. But the investment is worth its price since you’ll be able to make delicious cigarettes that your taste buds will thoroughly enjoy with each hit you take. This machine is the newest addition to the Top-O-Matic line and features a one-touch operation that makes it really easy to make both 100mm and king size cigarettes. Its chamber guard is an added safety feature and there are tools included so that you can clean your machine to keep it running smoothly each time you sit down and make your cigarettes. You can easily adjust the machine to make king size cigarettes to 100m by pulling out the level on the back.

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Teri C on 07/31/2023
Bought this hoping it was good quality purchase. Nope. Broke in less than 1 year of use.

James M on 07/04/2023
also on bottom of the rollet there is a rectainglar cover that comes off to get the tobacco out through the bottom you have to shake it side ways to get tobacco out on the bottom

michael b on 06/27/2022
If your having problems with machine....its you...not the machine.....mines made 2 cartons...0 failures....

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