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Powermatic 5 Plus Electric Cigarette Machine
Powermatic 5 Plus Electric Cigarette Machine
Powermatic 5 Plus Electric Cigarette Machine

The Powermatic 5 represents the next generation of Roll Your Own (RYO) cigarette machines. As a top-tier model, this machine incorporates the advanced features of its predecessors while introducing new technologies designed for superior efficiency and user-friendliness. The P5 is a complete solution for personal cigarette production, integrating sophisticated automation with robust tobacco processing technology.

Key Features:
  • Enhanced Automated Tube Loading: Refined to reduce manual effort further, this feature is specifically tailored for King Size Tubes, ensuring seamless operation.
  • Upgraded Tobacco Preparation Gear: Now compatible with an even broader range of tobacco brands, this gear cuts and prepares tobacco more efficiently, ensuring the perfect consistency for injection.
  • Optimized Three Fingers Compression Pusher: Delivers uniform tobacco distribution and compression before injection, closely replicating the standard of store-bought cigarettes.
  • Expanded Integrated Tube Container: Increased capacity and improved alignment mechanism streamline each filling cycle, powered by a sophisticated vibrating system.
  • Advanced User-Friendly Interface: Features a new display with enhanced settings to precisely control tobacco density and includes a sophisticated counter to monitor output.
  • Rapid Production Capability: Engineered to produce 20 class-A cigarettes in as little as 3 minutes, enhancing both speed and convenience.

This machine supports both automatic and manual loading of 100mm or king-size tubes, offering unmatched versatility. Integrated sensors accurately detect tube placement to minimize errors and reduce waste, ensuring every operation is as smooth as the last. Ideal for personal use or small batch production, the Powermatic 5 sets a new standard in homemade cigarette manufacturing, providing quick, reliable, and high-quality results with every use.

Expected Ship Date: End of May 2024

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