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Hot Rod Super Menthol King Tubes 200ct
Hot Rod Super Menthol King Tubes 200ct
Hot Rod Super Menthol King Tubes 200ct

Hot Rod
GMT Great Midwest Tube
Super Menthol
200ct Box

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Top Customer Reviews

Miguel L on 12/13/2023
Best menthol filters out there, if you want the strongest menthol

Belinda B on 11/17/2023
These are definitely the best menthol tubes I've ever had

Bradley S on 06/26/2023
When I paid obscene money for cigarettes', then it was always Camel Crush Menthol. I have a very specific taste in (only) the strongest and best menthol. These tubes are spectacular; absent crush menthol tubes becoming available, I will never choose anything else. I cannot sing the praises of these tubes loud enough.

Catherine H on 06/14/2023

Mary A on 05/17/2023

Starr F on 03/05/2023
Great tubes! definitely the most menthol tubes on the market, couldn't be happier with them! They're the only tubes i use =)

Casey S on 01/18/2023
Love the quality and menthol flavor the best tubes yet

Charles M H on 04/26/2021
These tubes are great if you like smooth, strong menthol. Only drawbacks are once in a while a tube with a white filter or a smashed paper, and keep scotch tape handy for the box. No big deal.

John G on 04/07/2021
Great product, excellent pricing, fast shipping

Mike A on 03/29/2021

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