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Dutch Cigarillos Java Fusion
Dutch Cigarillos Java Fusion
Dutch Cigarillos Java Fusion

Experience an alluring blend of a darker delicious cigar that you have never had before! These scrumptious cigarillos come in a compact size of 4 ¾ inches with a ring gauge of 28 inches. Dutch Masters Cigarillos Java Fusion will relax you with the rich blend of coffee and notes of chocolate that is infused into a delicious Cuban basin-seed filler tobacco that is stuffed into delicious natural wrappers to give it a sharper taste! These mellow little cigarillos are sold in a sealed foil pack which holds 2 of them.  Shop with us to get them in packs of 30 so that you never run out!

Dutch Master
ITG Brands LLC
Java Fusion
30 Packs of 2 Cigars

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Denise C on 04/02/2021
Love it

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