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Dutch Cigarillos Irish Fusion
Dutch Cigarillos Irish Fusion
Dutch Cigarillos Irish Fusion

This amazing flavor has been recently introduced by the renowned Altadis USA Inc which is located in Florida, USA. These delicious new cigars aren’t just affordable but they also come in a fun-size of 4 ¾ inches which make them perfect for longer but flavored cigar! Dutch Masters Cigarillos Irish Fusion is made from a delicious Cuban basin-seed filler which is infused with Irish cream and then stuffed into creamy Candela wrappers which gives them their unique flavor! These creamy and rich cigarillos are stored in air-tight foil pouches of 2 but they come in packs of 30. Shop with us to get them at the best price!

Dutch Master
ITG Brands LLC
Irish Fusion
30 Packs of 2 Cigars

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Janet M on 05/18/2022
These are my favorite.

Chivonne H on 06/03/2020
Great product. Just as described

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