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Job Cigarette Papers

It is without a doubt that hand-rolled cigars are the best. In this day and age machine-made cigars are so popular because well, they are easier to use since you just stock up on them and smoke them. But what about the quality? These machine-made cigars can end up being a lot more expensive since they come in packs which continue on into an ongoing process! Whether you enjoy making your own cigars or whether you just want to start making your own, you should start out with the best rolling papers!  Job Cigarette Papers can be just that for you!

Job Cigarette Papers were created by a famous Frenchman Jean Bardot in 1838. He came up with the idea of creating extremely thin rice paper sheets which were stored in a booklet to keep them fresh and straight. He started off with printing his initials on the packs J and B but he separated it with a diamond. Eventually people started calling them JOB  because the diamond resembled an ‘o’. You definitely want to get your hands on these rolling papers because they come in so many different sizes, shapes and they come in different packs as well so that you can make the best of them!