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The famous KIAN Vaporizer kit actually makes for one of the best alternatives for a smoke because of unique and affordable it is! The device itself is stylish, compact, and portable which makes it super easy to carry around with you and show off. The device has a battery of 350 mAh which may not be much compared to other electronic cigarettes, but it can certainly keep you going or the entire day! It comes with a built-in USB charger which makes it easy to charge with just a click and easy to charge while carrying. It takes about 60 minutes to completely charge and after that, you can puff for the entire day!

The most unique thing about it is the unique pod designs and the battery. There is also a magnetic chamber to replace the pods and these little pods actually contain and hold the different flavors that need to be attached to the electronic cigarette. After being attached, the switch will quickly switch it on so that you can enjoy the delicious flavors. It also has an automatic cool down period which is after 10 seconds of constant pulling so that the e-cigarette doesn’t get too hot! You can get 5 different pods which contain delicious little flavors. These include Menthol, Classic Tobacco, Mango, and Strawberry. These pods contain about 2ml of e-juice but this will last you for a good 2-3 days of puffs, before you refill again.

Kian might still be fairly new to the electronic cigarette market but it has definitely taken an entirely new take on things with this new and unique e-cigarette! The starter kit is available at the best prices that you can find right here and it doesn’t include any pods, so you will have to purchase those separately. They are worth it because they might just be 2ml but they do last for a very long time!  This fun little starter kit can be delivered right to your doorstep with just a click! Don’t wait any longer because this kit is selling out because of how affordable and unique it is!