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JUUL is the best alternative for smokers who want to make a change in their lifestyle. It is one of the most popular electronic cigarettes in the market at the moment! It was created by Pax Labs which is located in San Francisco, California, USA that wanted to help makers change their lives around. It released in June 2015 and it has taken the market by storm ever since! The system is completely unique and that means that you can only use JUUL e-juice and tanks when you need them. This isn’t a bad thing since the company has been continuing to come up with new ideas, flavors, and add ons.

 It actually has a smart heating mechanism that reduces combustion by creating an aerosol. It isn’t one of those devices that can be refilled with e-liquid but it uses flavored leaf tobacco that is filled into disposable one-time use cartridges.  The cartridge can easily be clicked onto the device and is known as the JUULpod. It has a nicotine formula that is salt-based. The device is easy to use and easy to charge as well. After clicking the pod into the battery, it shows three LED lights, Green being Full, Yellow being half full and Red being almost out of charge.

In terms of performance, this electronic cigarette certainly stands apart from the others available in the market. It takes about 50 minutes to charge till maximum and after that, it provides about 200 puffs which is more than enough to last you for 2-3 days. Since there is an automatic temperate control, you definitely won’t have your mouth burnt as compared to other electronic cigarettes do when they get too hot! Even though it might not be a real cigarette, you definitely get the nicotine kick after just a few puffs!

JUUL offers 4 different flavors which include Mint, Crème, Virginia Tobacco, and Mango.  The aroma and flavor are absolutely delicious and the result is a satisfying smoke. Don’t miss the chance to get your hands on this amazing starter kit which you can get at the best prices by shopping with us!