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Boulder Rock E-Cig

Everyone is trying to look for ways to quit smoking without having withdrawal symptoms. A good e-cigarette can work wonders for you when you are trying to go through the transition. Boulder Rock E-Cig is one of the best starter kits in the market! The small and portable size makes it great for beginners because it can easily be carried around with you! What makes this E-cig so great is the fact that that it has a pod which can be filled with your own e-liquids as compared to other e-cigs that require you to buy their pre-filled pods. The design and shape of this electronic cigarette is made to fit in your hand since it is only about 4.88 inches and slim and stylish!

It has an insanely powerful battery of 360 mAh which eventually stays on 80% after about 300 consecutive charges in a row. The device is very easy to charge since it has a standard USB port which is built into the device so you can charge it on the go!

What makes Boulder Rock e-cigarette one of the best in the market is the fact that it charges super fast in about 45 minutes, it reaches full charge. It also has a clearomizer that can easily be refilled with whatever e-juice you have from Boulder Rock. It is also created from high-quality steel which means it never rusts and is also slick and smooth in your hands. The battery is close to perfection with an astonishing battery of 360 mAh that will last you for many rounds of delicious puffs.

This all in one kit requires Boulder Rock e-liquids that have to be filled and refilled in the tank each time it is used. Once you fill the little tank with your favorite e-liquid, it is quite simple and easy to use. It has a rather simple 3 press button that switches it on and off. The last thing you want is for it to start up while it’s in your pocket! Get this amazing e-cigarette at the best prices only when you shop with us!