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Beretta Menthol Cigarette Tubes 200ct
Beretta Menthol Cigarette Tubes 200ct
Beretta Menthol Cigarette Tubes 200ct

Beretta Tube
200ct Box

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Karina M on 02/07/2023
way too much menthol maybe its just me since its my first time trying menthol smokes but even with red tobacco the menthol still overpowers

Susan C on 08/16/2022

Laurianne C on 06/07/2022

Michael S on 10/13/2021

Jeremy K on 05/26/2021
I used to smoke Marlboro Smooth until I got tired of paying way too much for a cigarette filled with additives. It took me awhile to find the right combination of tobacco and tubes, but the Wildhorse Green Pipe Tobacco paired with the Beretta Menthol king size tubes is a great tasting smoke. I love having a premium cigarette at 1/10 the price of buying a pack at the convenience store.

Joseph D on 05/04/2021
These filter tubes are exotic looking. It’s not often you get compliments on your butts! Lol

Janet B on 04/12/2021
These are great tubes

Phillip N on 10/29/2020
Best tubes I have used. I've been rolling my own for many many years and have tried many various tube brands. Beretta has them all beat.

LaDonna J on 06/09/2020
These tubes are the best! Paired with my favorite tobacco Ohm Turkish Yellow! Outstanding!!

Hoishing L on 06/09/2020

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