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Fiesta Cigarillos Sweet 15ct
Fiesta Cigarillos Sweet 15ct
Fiesta Cigarillos Sweet 15ct

Many cigar manufacturers like to make their cigarillos flavorless but in this boring world of flavorless things, a sweet subtle cigarillo with an affordable price is all you need to make your evenings great. Fiesta Cigarillos Sweet is sweet and affordable making them ideal for everyday use. The sweet flavor of these cigarillos blends perfectly with rich tobacco to provide a delightful succulent experience. Made fresh by Global Tobacco LLC, Fiesta cigars are just perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s for everyday use or some breathtaking parties these cigarillos are not going to disappoint you and if you think you want something more than just sweet there are several other flavors available as well. 

Global Tobacco LLC
15 Packs of 5 Cigars

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