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AyC Grendiers Dark 5 6pks
AyC Grendiers Dark 5 6pks
AyC Grendiers Dark 5 6pks

The well-known Altadis in Madrid is responsible for creating these smooth and natural cigars. AyC Grenadier Dark Cigars are created by mixing the perfect blend of Cuban leaf tobacco and then rolling them out into Connecticut Shade wrappers that make them a smooth and creamy smoke! These are packed into classy air-tight cartons that keep them fresh and moist which means that you will have a smooth and slow burn out! With these affordable cigars, you get exactly what you pay for which is a smooth and natural smoke! You can find these at the best prices and in packs of 5 that contain cigars 6 in each!

Ayc Grendier
ITG Brands LLC
6 Packs of 5 Cigars

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