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5 Packs of 6 Cigars. 30 Cigars Total.

Antonio Y Cleopatra Cigars (AyC)

These famous little cigars are named after the tragic tale of Antonio and Cleopatra, are decadent and will surely have you falling in love and getting addicted after the first puff! The tale of Antonio and Cleopatra started out with love, jealousy and finally the two coming together in marriage only to be separated by their deaths. Even though these cigars are inspired by this tragic duo, you don’t have to worry because you will never have to part ways with them! A perfect little that is made from pure Cuban seed tobacco which will have you wanting more! Antonio Y Cleopatra Cigars or AyC is created by the renowned multinational manufacturer in the cigar business, Altadis which is located in Madrid, Spain but export to the USA. Although Altadis has created many famous cigar brands, this has by far been one of the best-selling cigar brands that have taken the market by storm. After starting up in 1999, Altadis started the manufacturing of these delicious cigars that are made from premium quality Cuban tobacco blends that are machine-rolled into the cigars that everyone loves.

These cigars come in different sizes, shapes, and flavors which include Minis, Dark, Light, Whiffs, and Coronas which you can find right here when you shop with us!  Antonio Y Cleopatra Cigars might not have a massive variety of flavor options but they are a class apart because of how well they are crafted, their elegance, affordability, and smoothness. They have actually become one of the best-selling cigars that you can find in the market! They are created by blending a perfect mixture of Cuban Seed tobacco that is wrapped in either a natural dark tobacco wrapper or a light candela tobacco wrapper depending on the type and blend you choose. These mild-bodied cigars have a pleasant smell and aftertaste and are perfect if you hate the harsh aftertaste and flavor of the usual cigars.  The wrappers used, give them a unique smoothness that you can’t find anywhere else. If you go for the dark wrapper, you will get a sharper flavor and the candela wrapper will have a rich creamy smoking experience!

These cigars are perfect for those who hate overpowering or fruity flavors that can be a little too much when smoking. They are all-natural and made from pure tobacco, yet they lack that harsh and raw flavor of unflavored cigars! They are sealed in air-tight cartons that keep them fresh and moist just as the day they were rolled! However, the packs and the cigars in each carton vary because there are so many different choices that you can choose from! You get exactly what you pay for which is a beautiful smooth cigar that is pure, rich and burns out a very slow pace. It is definitely easy on your pocket as well since they come in packs which can save you plenty of money in the long run! Don’t miss out on the chance to get your hands on these amazing cigars that will have you completely hooked in no time!