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Smoker Friendly Cigarette Tubes

The invention of cigarette tubes is a real-life saver especially for those avid smokers who have no time to spare and don’t want a hole in their pockets. Making your own cigarettes can be a quicker solution and an affordable one as well! Hand-made cigarettes have a unique taste and these cigarette tubes are the best ones you can find in the market! The Cigarette Store Corp. or TCSC offers premium cigarette tubes that you can fill yourself or using a cigarette injector!

Smoker Friendly Cigarette Tubes are specially created by the famous TCSC in California, USA which offer a large variety of cigarette tubes to choose from including different flavors and sizes! These tubes are made from the best quality materials to make a thin tube of flavored or non-flavored paper which has a filtered end. Although they started up in 1989, they have created many more flavors for you to choose from such as a lighter Blue, a smooth Gold, a refreshing Green and the classic Red for a more familiar flavor. You can go for any of the two sizes that they offer which is 100mm or 100’s and 84mm or King Size. The 100’s are great when you need a cigarette on the go and the King size when you prefer longer drags. Each box holds about 200 tubes of this easy to use cigarette paper and you can get them delivered right to you when you shop with us! Turn your life around, start shopping and start rolling!