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OCB Bamboo Cones

OCB Bamboo Cones are amongst the best eco-friendly option when it comes to smoking papers. Not to mention, having a bunch of pre-rolls on deck. Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on Earth and a perfect ingredient in rolling papers. That's why in 2020, OCB introduced America's first and only ultra-thin, slow-burning Bamboo rolling paper, taking enjoyment to new heights that even Mother of the Universe would approve of.

By choosing OCB Bamboo Cones, you're not only getting a quality smoking experience but also showing your support to preserve the planet. So, give OCB Bamboo Cones a try and enjoy a natural, slow-burning, and eco-friendly smoke session.

Available in multiple sizes and quantities, OCB Bamboo Cones make rolling your own joints or cigarettes easier than ever. Whether you prefer Kingsize, 1 1/4", Small, or Mini cones, there's an option for everyone. And for those who smoke frequently, full boxes containing 32 packs each are also available.

Upgrade your smoking collection today with OCB Bamboo Cones, available now at Buy Pipe Tobacco Now! Get them in bulk from all different sizes and quantities. Don't wait any longer to enjoy a natural and clean pre-roll-friendly session. Free Shipping is offered, Join the Special Club!