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Joker Rolling Papers

The modern machine-made cigarettes though are in trend but it’s doesn’t have the taste of a hand-rolled one. These machine-made cigarettes are a way too costly as compared to hand-rolled cigarettes. When you have the opportunity to experience a smooth smoke with hand-rolled cigarettes then why should you go for the machine-made ones? The most prominent benefit of machine-made cigars is that these are ready to use and can be stocked for more than a day or for a trip. But hand-rolled cigars taste and smell so much better! The best part about hand-rolled cigars is that you can customize the volume of tobacco according to your preference!

Joker Rolling Papers were launched in 1970 by Bob Stiller. His main marketing tool was the fun packaging theme of the rolling papers! These boxes and the packs have an image of a joker on them. Basically, these rolling papers come in different sizes to customize your cigar as per your mood. You will find different sizes of rolling papers which make your smoking experience fun and amazing!