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Discover Hempire, an iconic brand that’s known for shaking up the smoke scene with its eco-friendly and health-conscious twist on traditional tobacco blunt wraps. Say goodbye to tobacco and nicotine, and hello to a smooth, clean, and flavorful smoking adventure with these premium hemp wraps!

Hempire Wraps are 100% crafted from U.S.-farmed organic hemp, ensuring you'll enjoy the purest puff possible. With its unique lick 'n stick design, rolling up has never been easier, making your smoke sessions even more enjoyable. Unleash your inner connoisseur as you explore a tantalizing lineup of both classic and innovative flavors, inspired by traditional flavors and cutting-edge terpenes.

You can now purchase six awesome flavors including Cali Cream, Honey Fu-Fu, Blueberry Blaze, Rilla-G, Strawberry Clouds, and Clemen-Terp. No matter your preference, we've got a flavor that's sure to dazzle your senses and elevate your smoking experience.

At Buy Pipe Tobacco, we're delighted to offer Hempire Wraps in a bulk-size 15-pack box, perfect for keeping you stocked up and ready to roll. Each pack features 4 hemp wraps, providing you with a grand total of 60 wraps to savor and share.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Hempire and discover a healthier, greener, and more flavorful way to enjoy your favorite blends. It's time to roll with the best—Hempire Wraps, where Mother Nature meets modern smoking.