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Hemp Zone Blunt Wraps

If you enjoy smoking with blunt wraps and want more bang for your buck, then you’re in luck! That’s right; Hemp Zone Wraps offer precisely that. Plus, these bad boys come in several unique flavors and are made from only premium, US-grown Hemp.

In addition to that, Hemp Zone Blunt Wraps are perfectly moist, so they’re easy to roll and slow-burning, just as you’d expect them to be! Best of all, Hemp Zone wraps are 100% tobacco and nicotine-free! Not to mention, they’re free of all pesticides and harmful chemicals, allowing you to enjoy your herb to the fullest extent.

Regarding flavors, Hemp Zone comes in Bee Berry, Grape, Kiwi Strawberry, Mango, and of course, Sweet, which is one of our top-sellers! Each pack comes with 5 Hemp Wraps, so you won’t run out anytime soon, especially if you secure a 15-count box from Buy Pipe Tobacco!

Also, when you order from BPT, we’ll rush your supply of Hemp Zone Wraps straight to your front door, regardless of where you live in the United States! Yes, you heard that right; we deliver to all 50 states, plus Peurto Rico & Guam!

Lastly, at BPT, we include top-notch customer service and Free Shipping opportunities for those who buy in bulk. So don’t delay, order your Hemp Zone Blunt Wraps today and instantly save!