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Al Capone Leaf Wraps

Selective smokers who want to roll in style should definitely take a look at Al Capone Leaf Wraps. Made using only the finest 100% authentic tobacco leaves, these wraps burn evenly and smoothly for smoking sessions like no other. Moreover, they come in distinctive flavors and are packaged fresh in convenient pouches!

If you want a hint of sweetness with your smoke, check out Al Capone Rum Leaf Wraps. Made with genuine imported rum, these tobacco wrappers offer hints of refreshing sweetness for a divine experience of relaxation.

Alternatively, Al Capone Cognac Leaf Wraps are rich and indulgent for a luxuriously creamy smoke break! For a smooth smoke without the added sweetness, Al Capone Original Leaf Wraps are ideal.

Since the Al Capone Brand has been hand-crafting premium tobacco products for decades, they know what they’re doing. When it comes to leaf wrappers, this brand offers nothing but the best. Each wrapper is made using Brazilian shade-grown tobacco for a superior feel and even burn.

Moreover, these carefully harvested and fermented leaf wrappers contain a beautiful balance of natural flavors and nicotine. As such, they’re extraordinarily satisfying to smoke. They produce a gentle tingle and are undeniably smooth.

All in all, smokers who want a premium experience and will settle for nothing but the best should definitely give these tobacco leaf wrappers a try. They’re unquestionably one of the best roll-your-own solutions around for those who want exceptional quality and superior flavors.

Are you ready to taste these mouth-watering tobacco leaf wrappers for yourself? If so, it’s easy to order them here! Not only do we offer fast direct shipping, but our online smoke shop also has some of the best real-life user reviews around! Order today and roll in authentic Al Capone style luxury.