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4 Kings Blunt Wraps By Good Times USA

If you’re looking for a killer deal on blunt wraps, then perhaps you should give 4 Kings by Good Times USA a try! Indeed, these bad boys are perfect for those who enjoy authentically flavored wraps that are made from premium quality tobacco. Plus, they’re super affordable, which is something every smoker can appreciate.

As mentioned above, 4 Kings Blunt Wraps are a product of the legendary Good Times brand. Now, this name might not ring a bell if you’re new to the scene, but for you seasoned smokers out there, you already know, Good Times only produces top-notch products that are superior in quality. Not to mention, they’re killing the game in terms of flavor options.

That’s right; 4 Kings has something for everyone! In fact, you can score these wraps in Blueberry, Diamond, Mango, Napa Grape, Sweets, and even Watermelon to name a few! So as you can see, 4 Kings has plenty to offer, and we carry them all. Even better, we carry 120-count boxes for roughly twenty bucks!

Finally, when you choose to secure your order of 4 Kings Blunt Wraps from Buy Pipe Tobacco, not only will you receive the best prices online, but you’ll also get superior customer service as well! In addition to that, we deliver nationwide, regardless of order size! In fact, we’ll even throw in Free Shipping on ALL qualifying orders, contact us for more details or simply use Promo Code: FREESHIP