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1839 Cigarette Tubes

As a storied brand, 1839 Cigarettes are an American classic! While they’re primarily known for their U.S. manufactured flue-cured tobacco, the classic brand also makes cigarette tubes so that you can pair their tobacco blends with some of the best tubes on the market! Fans love their tobacco and prefer to also use their cigarette tubes when rolling their own cigs. While their tobacco blends contain both flue-cured burley leaf combinations that will tease the senses, their tubes are some of the easiest to use on the market! Plus, they’re super affordable, making the entire process of rolling your own cigarettes easy and convenient. After you try 1839 Cigarette tubes for the first time, you’ll never want to use another brand ever again. You’ll be addicted to their convenience and will want to use them for whatever tobacco blends you plan on rolling for your smoking enjoyment. You’ll love being able to save money on premium cigarette tubes while still enjoying your favorite tobacco blends, which is why many opt to use 1839 Cigarette tubes.