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Liquid vaporizers includes 650mah battery, CE4 tank and USB charger. They are popular for avid smokers and the casual ones while coming in 12 flavors available in 10ML bottles.


This is one of the best electronic cigarette starter kits that you can find in the USA! A good electronic cigarette combines performance, design, and durability and that’s exactly what this e-cigarette has! The ETron will definitely change your mind about vape pens not being as good as the real thing. ETron is a product of the famous Sunshine Tobacco Inc which is located in Miami, Florida, USA.

Etron may not be a very popular e-cigarette but it is certainly one of the more affordable options that have a lot of e-liquid flavor options. It will give you the same feel of a cigarette but just without all those harsh chemicals. There are two kinds that have been released so far one is the basic starter kit and the other is a premier that has an amazing 1100 mAh battery. The basic kit has a 650  mAh battery and a USB charger with a CE4 e-tank. There are about 12 different flavors that you can get which include Cherry Cheesecake, Grape, Watermelon, Strawberry, Classic, Menthol, and much more! These disposable electronic cigarettes are affordable, stylish, and they even have the look of a normal cigarette, so you won’t even notice the difference! They also have many different accessories that can be added on to make your experience much better. The unit claims about 500 puffs which are equal to almost 2 packs of cigarettes!

The portable size is what makes this device so great to use and carry around with you and the ease of being able to use it with just a quick refilling of e-liquids rather having pre-filled ones which can cause quite a hassle! Sunshine Tobacco Inc certainly made one of the best products and it is in the form of this affordable, fun, and compact electronic cigarette!

These electronic cigarettes contain 16 mg of liquid which has about 1.6% of Nicotine which is significantly less than a normal cigarette! The delicious flavor and affordable prices will leave you wanting more so why not take a chance and try out this amazing electronic cigarette that you can have delivered right to you!