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Night Owl Cigars

Love smoking cigars? But is smoking those old-fashioned normal cigars taking a lot of your time? Swedish Match, the 2nd best mass market cigar company in the United States and the maker of White Owl is here with another one of their exquisite creations, Night Owl Cigars. Night Owl Cigars are cheaper and have a quick burn time while providing the same burst in taste like other normal cigars. The burn time is considerably less than a normal cigar's slow-burn time just so you can enjoy a cigar on the go. These cigars are factory-made with pipe tobacco and are available in several different flavors like wine and black cherry that help in a smooth aftertaste. Freshness is one of the top priorities so each of these cigars is packed in a resealable pouch that keeps these cigars safe and away from moisture.

Night Owl Cigars are one of the best on-the-go cigars in the whole cigar industry, providing you with a quick burn time, a cheaper price, a resealable and pocket-friendly pouch, a number of different flavors and the brand name of the 2nd best mass market cigar company in the USA. Well? Wait no further! Grab one of the Night Owl Cigars and enjoy a quick mesmerizing smoke now!