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Garcia y Vega

This famous brand is known for creating some of the best-selling cigars in the USA! They are so popular because they make classic cigars that taste amazing and they also come at the best prices. Garcia y Vega Cigars are created by the well-known Garcia y Vega which is located in the Dominican Republic. Since they started up in 1882, they have completely taken over the market with their affordable and amazing machine-made cigars.

The best thing about Garcia y Vega is that it may be machine-rolled but they taste exactly like hand-rolled premium cigars that are created from only the finest tobacco. There are so many different variations, sizes, and flavors but you can be assured that you can only find them at the best prices when you shop with us! You can go for a classic miniature pack or you can go for something fruity and delicious! There are unflavored smokes for those who love classic straight up all-natural smokes and there also the flavored ones for a fruity and delicious smoke!

These amazing cigars are created from premium tobacco which is collected from 3 different regions, air-cured, and then blended to perfection. Since most of their blends are natural you will find absolutely no additives present at all. The tobacco is stuffed into a homogenized wrapper and then packed in foils individually which keeps them fresh and moist so that you can use them whenever and still have them burn out nice and slowly for a perfect smoke!  Since they come in different sizes, flavors, and blends you can take your pick from right here and you can have them delivered right to you at the best prices!