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Gambler Full Flavor King Size Cigarette Tubes 200ct
Gambler Full Flavor King Size Cigarette Tubes 200ct
Gambler Full Flavor King Size Cigarette Tubes 200ct

Republic Tobacco LP
200ct Box

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Top Customer Reviews

Fadi Y on 04/30/2019

Tracy B on 02/26/2020

Grace L on 04/05/2020
Very satisfied

ARTHUR M on 04/23/2020
One box was slightly mashed.

Tim M on 07/04/2020
Thanks again for the quick shipping.

Luz J on 03/26/2020
Excellent service, convenient, and fast. The only thing that I would like is for your company to use UPS instead of USPS if it does not change the good service and price. Thank you very much for creating your company.

Michael H on 03/03/2021
Avoid using the E-Z dispenser because the tips can get deformed when you eventually have to shake the box to get them to come out.

roger l s on 10/06/2020

MELISSA G on 05/03/2020
I had no problem finding my preferred brand of rolling tubes in this website. They have a much larger selection of brands than I expected, which was great! Anyone who uses rolling tubes knows how fragile they can be if they're dropped or mishandled. I ordered 5 boxes because my local smokeshop is closed from covid19. All 5 boxes arrived without so much as a dent! And, the best part is they are a little bit cheaper than my local shop prices! I'm so happy I came across this website 🙂👍

Donna G on 06/23/2020
These are my favorite tubes. And the customer Service at Buypipetobacco.com is the best around. My order took longer then usual (postal service), one call to them and it was at my door two days later.

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