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Optimo Cigarillos Diamond 30ct
Optimo Cigarillos Diamond 30ct
Optimo Cigarillos Diamond 30ct

Not everyone is into sweet tasting cigars. Some people like a natural taste in their tobacco. For those folks looking for more Optimo cigarillos offers an unsweet version of their famous cigarillos called Optimo Diamond Cigarillos. The taste of tobacco is the featured star in this variety of Optimo cigarillos. Focusing on the true taste of the tobacco leaf is what makes these cigarillos a favorite for cigarillo smokers everywhere. Optimo Diamond Cigarillos are made with natural tobacco and a natural wrap, these affordable cigarillos are one of America’s most trusted brands. A strong draw and smooth smoke are what attracts smokers to the Optimo Diamond Cigarillo. Freshness was the priority in packaging as these cigarillos are packaged in a resealable foil packet. No more wasting money on stale cigars. Premium quality and consistent affordability go hand in hand with Optimo Diamond Cigarillos. Each order contains 30 Optimo Diamond Cigarillos.

Swisher International
30 Packs of 2 Cigars

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