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Blackstone Cherry Tip Cigars 20 5PKS
Blackstone Cherry Tip Cigars 20 5PKS
Blackstone Cherry Tip Cigars 20 5PKS

These are the best-selling cigars that you can find in the USA because of their delicious flavor and affordable prices! Blackstone Cherry Tip Cigars are machine-made cigars that are made from premium cherry flavored tobaccos. Only the best combination of tobaccos are selected and then mixed to perfection. The tobacco is infused with a delicious cherry flavored essence and the tobacco is rolled into homogenized tobacco wrappers which keep them smooth and fresh! They are rolled in machines and then packed in cartons of 5 which keep them moist and smelling amazing. A special cherry-flavored tip is added as well to enrich the flavor! You can get these in packs of 20 and you can get them at the best prices when you shop with us!

Swisher International Inc
20 Packs of 5 Cigars

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Chester P on 04/11/2020
GREAT CIGARS. taste is great . Mild,sweet just fantastic. Great price also. I like them better then the black and mild sweets I was smoking. Try them out you will like them. I will be ordering more. Awesome. Thanks

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