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AyC Grenadiers Light 5 6pks
AyC Grenadiers Light 5 6pks
AyC Grenadiers Light 5 6pks

Not everybody likes their cigars dark and straight up that is exactly why these are perfect for you! AyC Grenadier Light comes in a fairly lighter and milder strength of cigars that come in 5 packs containing 6 cigars each. They are created from natural Cuban seed filler which is stuffed in an all-natural tobacco wrapper before being packed in air-tight cartons. Although they are mild-bodied they do have a little kick and they are great for everyday use! Take a chance on these natural and pure cigars and get them at the best discounts only when you shop with us!

Ayc Grenadier
ITG Brands LLC
5 Packs of 6 Cigars

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